Hearing Aids

hearing-aidDo you ever wonder why someone who is obviously having trouble hearing won’t get hearing aids? You are not alone.

On average most people have been having trouble hearing for 7 to 10 years before they actually make the trip to see an audiologist.

There are about 26.7 million people over age 50 with a hearing impairment, and of those only one in seven use a hearing aid. Most would agree  “If you think you have a hearing loss, you probably do.”

Why so much resistance to getting hearing impairment diagnosed and treated?

  1. Denial. Many older adults just don’t think they have a problem. And those with a hearing problem are often the last to notice it, because the change comes on gradually over years and starts subtly. Many older adults think it’s normal to lose some hearing ability in fact 55 percent of those over age 70 have some hearing loss.
  2. The Stigma. Men may think it’s a sign of weakness and women don’t want to show their age.

The good news is that hearing aids are getting smaller and less visible.

How can you help convince someone to see a doctor? It can be quite simple–ask them to pay attention or better write down every time they say, ‘What?’ or ask people to repeat something. This usually helps enlighten those afflicted. Next step is to see an audiologist.

For more information on hearing aids check out http://www.asha.org/public/hearing/Hearing-Aids/.