o one can deny the benefits of exercise at any age- and that goes for seniors as well. For years, doctors have been urging seniors to exercise to increase their muscle strength and flexibility, build bone density and maintain cardiovascular fitness to guard against disease and lessen the impact of illness. Alas most don’t take the advice. They can’t find the time, energy or interest to stick with a program. But it’s spring and a perfect time to renew interest and set new goals, as the days get longer and warmer.

Here are 5 top tips to get seniors “springing”:

  • Start with fun: No matter the age, everyone wants to have fun. Teaming up with a friend or group will make it more enjoyable, keep your motivation going and have you enthusiastically looking forward to the next time.
  • Consistent: Schedule a visit once or twice a week to take a walk with your favorite senior.
  • Mix it up: Seek out gyms or organizations that offer many opportunities to exercise with a variety of classes. And if a class is missed it is easy to make up.
  • Make sure to rely on credible and experienced advice: Join a facility or class run by a trained professional who has experience in understanding seniors particular needs and can assist in exercise safely.
  • Try new exercise methods: There are so many gentle exercise options available. Consider classes and facilities at your local community center, gyms or fitness studios, aquatic center, sporting clubs or get active with family and friends.

This spring set a goal. Start with small targets to strengthen your fitness, flexibility and strength and you will be amazed at what you can achieve. Anyone can do it and today is the day to start.