This is Your Life: Ms. Aleta Lee

This month’s This Is Your Life features Aleta Lee. Ms. Lee worked for the United States Air Force and later worked at the Federal Aviation Association (FAA) up until her retirement in 1989.  She is a world traveler, enjoys line dancing and is a member of the Westchester Elks! Aleta is loved and cherished by family and friends, as she keeps close connections with everyone she knows. Aleta’s This Is Your Life event was celebrated with friends, family and residents of the community. Aleta was ecstatic with all the decorations and lovely video that was made on her life story. The room, filled with kites and planes, expressed her love for kites (Aleta’s maiden name is Kite) and her job working in the aviation industry. Family and friends shared laughs, happiness and tears of joy, reminiscing the life of Ms. Lee. Aleta enjoyed the event and was thankful for this remarkable and memorable experience!