New Year Resolutions

As the year comes to an end, many begin to reflect on the year that has past and the year to come. Arising from the reflection emerges the annual list of resolutions. Each year millions of people set resolution for the year to come ranging from losing weight to living life to the fullest with many abandoning their resolution before the month of January even ends. This year Welbrook South Bay would like to help you meet your goals, by providing some suggestions on how you can achieve the following resolutions:

Lose weight/stay fit and healthy

1. Attend a few wellness, walking, balance and exercise classes offered by Welbrook South Bay, each week to ease into making it part of a regular routine.

2. Get out several times a week, when the weather allows, and take a stroll. Walk with a neighbor or friend to make the journey even more enjoyable.

3. Challenge yourself to enjoy a garden salad at lunch rather than a hamburger or cheeseburger, or choose the sugar-free options available for dessert when offered. Our menu is full of tasty yet nutritional options.

Enjoy life to the fullest:

1. Take part in the many social, educational and recreational programs available.

2. Pick up a good romance novel or murder mystery and transport yourself from the real world to a fictional land for an hour or two a day.

3. Challenge a neighbor or friend to a card or board game in our game room. Or, even better yet, start a weekly group that meets to socialize and play games.

4. Visit our salon and get a new look, change your hair color or simply get a little trim – because looking good on the outside also makes you feel good on the inside.

Spend more time with family:

1. Hold a grandchild’s birthday party or son or daughter’s anniversary celebration in our private dining room. You can bring food in to celebrate or enjoy the same delicious menu options available to our residents.

2. When you can’t be with family, take advantage of the computers in our activity room. You can learn to email loved ones and keep up with your grandkids on Facebook – maybe even learn to Skype. This interaction can be educational for you and fun for the whole family.